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We believe a small business’s digital presence is no longer a luxury but a necessity. We understand most small business owners don’t have the time or skill to create and run a successful online image.

Our mission at Walter Creative is to address these challenges by telling small business’s authentic stories in the right context with a consistent presence for digital.


You have a unique story — one that resonates with everyday people in an authentic way. You also have a small business — one that requires anything but a small amount of your time.

We have a knack for interpretation — deciphering what truly makes your company unique, and communicating it in an authentic way that connects with humans (the beings that most businesses refer to as “customers”).

It’s extremely difficult to accurately convey your own story. It’s why every bookstore’s autobiography section is only a sliver of the whole biography category. A talented outsider’s perspective proves to be critical to distilling your company’s authentic story and expressing it in a natural, compelling way for digital.

This is step one for all of our partners. Finding your unique story. Next is crafting that story in a digestible way for digital.


An exquisite painting is even more breathtaking with the right frame, a complimentary color on the wall and the right positioning in the room. Same goes for your company’s story.

We know your story. Now it’s about figuring out how that story is best expressed on your website, social media pages and beyond. If the audience, location, industry and other contextual variables aren’t understood, even a masterfully crafted message can be rendered useless.

We believe understanding your company’s context is every bit as important as your company’s content. That’s why we give a fair share of attention to it before diving into creating messaging. This comes to fruition by immersing ourselves in your company, surrounding factors and how they it all plays in digital.

Presence is a culmination of all the digital pieces about your company that can be consumed by the public. When properly curated, all the pieces come together — forming your company’s clear, consistent and captivating digital message. Ideally, its your story, in the right context and crafted for the correct medium.

Your digital content may take form as videos, social posts, advertisements, search engine results, blog entries or other executions. Every company’s online presence is a little different, so some trial and error is involved to find the balance that best achieves your business goals.


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